4 Simple Steps To Help You Get Unstuck  
Working moms have multiple responsibilities, it's easy to feel like stuck in a loop of never-ending to-do lists.

The life we dreamed of, yet it's hard to find joy in each day. Going through each day on autopilot and wonder where the years have gone by.

I also went through this, and I can tell from my personal experience YOU CAN GET UNSTUCK.

If you want to...
  • Wake up excitedly each day and ready to get things done.
  • Excel at work while being present around family.
  • Make time for yourself and do things you enjoy.
  • ​Go to bed each day feeling accomplished and happy.

This FREE video course is for you!

It will only take 4 days, for only 5 minutes each day. Super easy to follow.

Ready to take control of your life?

Howdy, I’m Whitnee, a woman with many roles; I’m a CCO at a 9 billion dollar company, founder of The Savvy Working Mom, a leader in the corporate world and mama to two littles. I love to travel, make cocktails, hike, watch movies, and create.
I absolutely love this full life of mine, but it hasn’t always been that way; my life once felt like an endless treadmill of to-dos, leading to burnout and resentment.

I’d commit to everyone, then let everyone down (including myself).

I felt stuck.

I knew my situation was not sustainable, so I set out to create better days for myself.

In doing so, I discovered systems and techniques that every working mom can use to design the vibrant life she wants and deserves.

Because I believe that we working moms are the backbone of society and...

…when we do better, the world gets better.
The number one thing really standing in your way?

It’s not time or resources. It’s that you’re stuck. 

Take the time for yourself and your big dreams by learning how to make space for you.

Let's get started!



In 4 days, for only 5 minutes each day, get unstuck and get moving on a path that you love.


Yours today for only $0

LESSON 1 - Rubber Balls and Glass Balls

I’ll teach you the glass ball rubber ball method and how you can use it to make the most of the 9 main areas of a working mom’s life — from your career, to your health, to your family and your marriage. What’s working well? What needs to change? This lesson will give you the raw data you need to improve every area of your life. 

LESSON 2 - When to say YES! And When To Politely Decline

You’ll discover how to quickly know if you should say “heck yes” or politely decline the requests on your precious time and energy.  

LESSON 3 - How To Get MORE Done by Doing Less 

By this point, that familiar overwhelm is probably creeping in... you’ll learn to stop it in its tracks and use my DEBAC method to put some more of those balls down. This lesson will help you clear out your agenda so you can focus on what matter most to you. 

LESSON 4 - The Trick To Delegation 

If you've still got more balls in the air than you’d like, which, let’s face most of us mamas do, not to worry. You’ll learn about a simple but powerful way to understand the right and wrong things to delegate. 
That’s right, it’s free! 

This FREE, easy-to-follow How To Get Unstuck video course will help you live each day more purposefully and joyfully.

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